Now you have taken that big decision... Well done Guys. This is going to be an amazing life changing experience for you. Follow my 5 rules throughout the body transformation programme to ensure you the best results.

1. Don’t Just Dream it, Do it - Set a Goal

The first step in anybody transformation is to become clear on what’s important to you and the outcome that you are going to achieve.Is it Muscle Building,Fat lose or Six Pack Abs? Have a clear vision of your goal and then you must set a deadline. This will mentally and physically prepare you inorder to create some sort of urgency to reach your goal.

2. Analyse and understand your Body type –Know your starting point.

Before you begin your journey it’s important to know where you are starting from. You can either take your weight, body fat percentage or you can take your photos… or a combination of photos and measurements.

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The major mistake many people do while planning for body transformation programme is that they are not realistic. It is true that a celebrity physique from a super hit movie or fitness model pose in the cover page of a health magazine might have inspired you but to remind you, that’s not happened overnight. Neither genetics will help you to wake up at 5AM morning and do a cardio session or an evening weight training session after a long office hours. It requires a deep passion and dedication and an unstoppable attitude to chase your dreams.


Our News Letter

Abdu Asi

From an Athlete to Football Player, Aesthetic Body Builder to Fitness Model and Blogger, ABDU ASI a Fitness Enthusiast from Kerala, South Indian State,has a diversified fitness career. He was the former captain of State Junior Football Team and played at National Level in consecutive years.
ABDU ASI who works and lives in Dubai has certifications in Fitness Training and Sports Nutrition (International Sports Sciences Association). Unlike professional fitness trainers and advisors, he is a full time working professional too. A seasoned forex professional who works as a Manager in a financial services company in Dubai has a highly qualified educational background. His recent learning includes Digital Marketing Professional Program from Manipal University Dubai Campus. Even in the busy working schedule, ABDU ASI gives free fitness advises to working professionals, students and beginners and aspiring fitness lovers to lead a healthy life style. He advises younger generation and aspiring body builders to depend on natural food and nutrition programme for better physique instead of body enhancing steroids and drugs which has serious long term side effects.
In a mission to build healthy lifestyle to all sectors of people, his gaining popularity will soon break all the barriers and borders and soon emerge as brand name in social media under the hash tag #abduasifitness.

ABDU ASI finds happiness in helping other people reach their fitness goals.